Winners and Losers: The 4th Republican Debate

Tim Alberta, Chief Political Correspondent for the National Review, analyzes key topics and interactions from Tuesday night’s GOP debate. Henderson says that in a recent MI poll, Hillary Clinton is trailing behind Ben Carson, suggesting an overall shift in political alignment among Michigan residents. 

The Economy: Alberta characterizes the 4th GOP debate as “slow and steady,” unlike the previous round that focused more on drama between the moderators and the candidates. “This was kind of the studious, nuanced, substantive debate that we had all expected frankly a few weeks ago on CNBC,” Alberta says. He adds that by focusing almost solely on economic policy, the Fox Business Network encouraged more serious commentary, but did little to “alter the trajectory of individual candidates,” who seemed to be less confrontational.  

Immigration: Henderson said the deep divide that exists in the Republican party came out when moderators transitioned into a conversation on immigration.  ”That was one of the major TV moments last night,” Alberta says. He adds that Jeb Bush’s retort to Trump’s plan — building a wall along the border and deporting over 11 million illegal immigrants — was one of his strongest, most animated moments in the debate season and sets him apart as a candidate.

Minimum Wage: Alberta says that of all Republican candidates, John Kasich took the most humanitarian approach to the prospect of raising the minimum wage, although he didn’t express complete agreement with it. He believes that the topic of raising the minimum wage will adopt a greater presence after party primaries are elected, especially if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination.   

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