The “Twitter” Presidential Campaign

Does whomever controls twitter, control the presidential campaign? Host Stephen Henderson talks with Professor Christina Guarneri, PhD, about the effect, and history of candidate’s use of media on the campaign trail.


Trump Card: Donald Trump may be the most effective user of social media on the Republican side of the campaign, and with good reason; he loves it. “It’s almost like owning a newspaper, but without the losses,” Trump says.


Media Use: Generations of presidential campaigns have been won or lost based on the candidate’s use of the media of the day. FDR used radio, Kennedy used television, and Obama won both his campaigns based on his use of social media, particularly twitter.


Global Access: Candidate’s use of social media is only going to be more and more relevant as access to the internet grows worldwide. “One thing I can see in the next coming years is that the internet is going to become more global,” Guarneri says.

To hear more Stephen’s conversation with Professor Guarneri, click the link above.

Image credit: Pete Souza

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