Charlie LeDuff Explains Why He’s Calling Out the Mayor on Demolition Contracts

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Fox 2 News reporter Charlie LeDuff about the demolition work being done to urban blight in Detroit.


Money: Charlie feels that the amount of money Detroit city government says it takes to demolish a house is suspect. “The Mayor admits now it’s over twenty thousand dollars a house. So last year…it was thirteen thousand, it’s sixteen, now it’s twenty,” LeDuff says.


Contracts: Charlie believes that the work done on urban blight in Detroit doesn’t match up with what was promised. LeDuff says, “The contract says, ‘800 homes in two months…’ do they take down eight hundred in two months? They take down 600 in five months.”


Midtown: Charlie says that some Detroit residents don’t think that the developments in Midtown will benefit them. “I think the vibe in the neighborhoods, there’s a feeling that…everything’s for the silk stocking and nothing for the outlying places,”


To hear more of their conversation, click the link above.


Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET

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