Reporters Share What They Think Of The Ambassador Bridge’s Status

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Dave Battagello, reporter for the Windsor Star, and John Gallagher, reporter for the Detroit Free Press, about the state of the Ambassador Bridge.

  • Community: The border crossing on the new bridge has to be friendlier than the current crossing, and integrate into the community. “You have to have a plaza that’s welcoming to the community… and not just plow through and put piles of concrete wherever you feel like it,” Battagello says.
  • Moroun: The relationship between Ambassador Bridge owner Matty Moroun and the Canadian government has gone sour over the years because of Moroun’s attitude towards a new crossing. “The well has been poisoned for a long time,” Gallagher says.
  • Public: The public on both sides want to see more transparency and control over the crossing. “Everybody would like to see some type of public control over all border crossings,” Battagello says.

To hear more of their conversation, click the link above.


Image credit: J. Carlisle Larsen/WDET

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