Canadian Federal Election: Country Chooses Liberals over Torries

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Professor of Politics at the University of Windsor, Lydia Miljan, about the recent Canadian election. Here are some of the things they talked about:

  • Power: Because of their lengthy hold on power throughout Canada’s history, the liberal party is considered “Canada’s Natural Governing Party.” Miljan says “Canadians are very comfortable voting liberal.”
  • Wisdom: Part of the Liberal party’s success was increasing voter turnout within the party and beyond. “What the liberals were able to do…was to just get more people out voting,” Miljan says.
  • Courage: Liberals were hoping for a big turnout to oust Prime Minister Harper based on the amount of poor public opinion towards him. “The Liberals were really banking on this being a referendum on Stephen Harper,” Miljan says.


To hear more of their conversation, click the link above.


Image credit: Alex Guibord

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