Skillman Foundation Responds to Governor Snyder’s Plan for DPS Debt

Stephen Henderson speaks with Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren co-chair and Skillman Foundation CEO Tonya Allen for a response to Governor Snyders plan to reduce the DPS debt. Allen issued a statement that says “we appreciate Gov. Snyder’s good-faith effort to comprehensively address longstanding serious issues that impact the quality of education for Detroit schoolchildren… Detroit is a city on the rise, and its recovery will be less than complete until schoolchildren here have the same quality school choice as kids in other thriving areas of the state” 

Allen also made additional points:

  • What are we going to do, not what are other going to do for us,” Allen said. - Reconstructing behavior is even more important than state aid and it’s up to Detroit to translate those funds into a real opportunity.
  • Allen gives a B letter grade to Snyder because the hard part (how the funds will be translated into positive changes in the classroom) should be a local decision and Detroiters need to have a bigger voice in it. 
  • The concern: Does Snyder’s plan really put Detroit education boards and organizations back in control? 

Image credit: Coalition for the future of Detroit Schoolchildren

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