An update on the Michigan Legistlature

Host Stephen Henderson talks with legislative reporter for Michigan Public Radio Jake Neher about the plans Michigan’s legislature has for Detroit’s schools.


Education Plan: Governor Snyder is set to unveil his plan today to help the failing Detroit school district. Currently the district is drowning in debt and lagging behind the rest of the state in education.


Priorities: Neher says that this is the most significant push he’s seen from the legislature in terms of education reform. “Since i’ve been in Lansing for three years now, there’s been very little in terms of education policy moving forward,” Neher says.


Teachers: One caller chimed in with her thoughts, saying that part of Detroit’s education problems come from Snyder himself. “Governor Snyder has made a career out of vilifying public teachers, and teachers are leaving the profession in droves here in Michigan,” she says.


To hear more of Stephen’s conversation with Neher, click the link above.


Image credit: Michael Hayball

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