Jill Biden Returns to Detroit as Hubby Joe Biden Weighs Run for the White House

The wife of Vice President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden, returns to Metro Detroit next week for her second visit in the past two months.

Officials say Biden will be the luncheon speaker at the Michigan Democratic Women’s Caucus next weekend as part of a Democratic Party conference set for Cobo Center.

Biden was in the metro region last month, joining President Obama at Macomb County Community College.

Both she and Mr. Obama touted the importance of higher education in helping create a competitive U.S. workforce.

Biden, who teaches at a community college, says she even graded papers while onboard Air Force One.

The speaking engagement comes as her husband, Joe Biden, weighs making a bid for the presidency.

Numerous reports have surfaced this week that the Vice President is asking close allies not whether he should jump into the race for the White House, but rather how best he might go about doing it at this stage of the ongoing campaign.   

Image credit: whitehouse.gov

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