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Dearborn Statue of Former Mayor Orville Hubbard Moved

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Dearborn workers have removed a statue of former Mayor Orville Hubbard from the city hall building.

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A statue of Dearborn’s longest-serving mayor, Orville Hubbard, has been removed from City Hall. The statue has drawn criticism in recent years due to Hubbard’s segregationist beliefs. Dearborn Historical Museum Chief Curator Jack Tate says the figure is being relocated to the outside of the museum.

Our reason for bringing it here is he is a very important part of the history of Dearborn, and our job here is to portray and store, and to evaluate to the citizens, the history of this community.”

-Jack Tate, Dearborn Historical Museum

Tate says, when the old City Hall building was sold, removing the statue was one of the deal’s terms. He says he expects the statue will be installed at the Historical Museum before winter begins.

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