China’s President Xi Jinping Visits the U.S.

Stephen talks with Tom Watkins, Advisor to Detroit Chinese Business Association, about Michigan’s economic relationship with China.

  • China: Governor Snyder met with President Xi several times about development in Michigan. “The Governor has taken five trips to China since he’s taken office,” Watkins says, “It is paying off with jobs and investments in this state.”
  • Industry: A big part of why China is interested in Michigan economically is the history of the auto industry.  “We have everything the Chinese need and want,” Watkins says.
  • The visit: President Xi met with several governors from other states about economic development, but Snyder’s enthusiasm for Chinese businesses worked in Michigan’s favor. Watkins says, “We’re a newcomer, and the only way we can go is up.”

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Image credit: Day Donaldson

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