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Snyder Says State Will Continue to Work with Flint on Water

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Governor Rick Snyder’s office says it will continue to work with Flint to resolve the city’s water system problems.

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Sarah Razak / CC

Governor Rick Snyder says the state will continue to help the city of Flint work through its water problems.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling sent a letter to the governor requesting $30 million to improve the city’s water system.

Gubernatorial spokesperson Dave Murray says state officials have been working with Flint to upgrade water infrastructure over the past year.

The governor has focused on helping flint in terms of some grants,” Murray says. “One for $2 million that will help with improvement projects for water lines. Also in terms of $2.2 million by restructuring loan payments. And that frees up money to help the city address some of those long-standing problems.”

Murray says the state Department of Environmental Quality has also worked to monitor water quality in Flint.

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