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Campaign Files Petition to Outlaw Prevailing Wage

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Image credit: Ingmar Zahorsky Flikr CC

Union-level prevailing wage wants to be outlawed by a business-led campaign.

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The business-led campaign to outlaw union-level prevailing wage mandates on publicly funded construction projects says it has filed 390 thousand petition signatures with the Michigan Bureau of Elections.

That’s 140 thousand signatures more than what’s required under state law. If and when the signatures are certified as valid by elections officials, the Legislature will have 40 days to act on the initiative, or it will go on the 2016 ballot.

Republican leaders in the Legislature say they have the votes to adopt the initiative, which would become law without the governor’s signature. Governor Rick Snyder opposes the initiative. He says it would make skilled construction trades jobs less attractive.


Rick Pluta has been covering Michigan’s Capitol, government, and politics since 1987.

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