Lions and Regner and Batch—Oh My! MSU, UM Look Strong

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Image credit: Pat Batcheller

WDET’s Pat Batcheller and Art Regner reflect on the Lions meltdown in San Diego.

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Detroit’s NFL team has played just one game this season, but already fans are using the familiar phrase “same old Lions” after an ugly loss. They blew a 21-3 lead against the San Diego Chargers Sunday, losing 33-28. Second half collapses are nothing new for the Lions, who have won just one playoff game since 1957. But after winning 11 games last season, expectations were higher than usual for Coach Jim Caldwell’s squad. WDET’s Pat Batcheller asked Detroit Today producer and veteran sportscaster Art Regner whether one game is too soon to call them the “same old” Lions. They also talked about the strong winning performances on Saturday by the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines. Click on the audio player to hear the conversation.

Who is this man? Calvin Johnson was invisible in Lions'

Who is this man? Calvin Johnson was invisible in Lions’ loss.

Courtesy of John Regner
Courtesy of John Regner


Pat Batcheller, Senior News Editor

Pat Batcheller is a host and Senior News Editor for 101.9 WDET, presenting local news, traffic and weather updates during Morning Edition. He is an amateur musician. Follow @patbwdet

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