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Heard on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

The Orbit Book Is Here

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Image credit: Michael Hayball

Classic Detroit alternative magazine becomes a book.

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On Detroit Today, Stephen Henderson is joined by Orbit Magazine book writer, Rob St. Mary and Orbit creator, Jerry Vile. Together they discuss the origins of Orbit, its predecessors and what it was to Detroit. 


Detroit’s Universe: Orbit filled a particular space in Detroit and the creators’ mind. “We’ve always been fans of ‘junk’ culture,” Vile says. “I wanted to make the magazine I wanted to read.”

Evolution: Orbit evolved from several different predecessors, including a punk zine called White Noise and another Detroit based humor magazine, Fun.  According to Vile Orbit was a bump in production values. 

Legacy: Creator Vile may have contributed a foreword, but that doesn’t make him want to read it. “I cringe when I read this book. Everything I do, I’m never happy with…I could have done better with more time and more money.”

You can check out more about the Orbit book here

Click the link above to learn more.

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