Detroit Hazardous Waste Facility Looking to Expand

A hazardous waste facility on Detroit’s Eastside is looking to expand. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is reviewing the company’s permit proposal to determine if the facility can increase its capacity.  State Representative Rose Mary Robinson is working to delay the DEQ’s decision. She says there are too many unanswered questions about US Ecology—the company that operates the facility.

I want more answers. I mean at that public hearing the people that testified talked about dust coming out of that facility, and the men in hazmat suits coming out and cleaning it up, but no one’s cleaning it up off their homes and their porches.”

-Rose Mary Robinson, State Representative

DEQ representatives say if US Ecology is found in violation of any regulations, the permit for expansion will not be granted. A public comment period for the permit runs through September 12th

To submit a public comment, residents can contact Richard A. Conforti at or 517-284-6558

Image credit: Duncan C/Creative Commons

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