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Heard on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

Can Detroit Schools Be Reformed?

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Theres no question that Detroit’s public schools need help, but will new proposals and packages manage to succeed?

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President and CEO Detroit-Wayne Mental Health Authority Tom Watkins shares his thoughts about possible educational reforms in the city on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson. Read about some key issues below:

  • Proposal A: Educational funding in Michigan was reformed in the 1990s under Proposal A which made funding dependent on new taxes and a school’s pupil count. Watkins calls for a new proposal that fits the Detroit’s educational and economic climate, taking into account its high levels of poverty across the district.
  • Local vs. State: Current problems with funding are affected by the development of policy and programs on the local level, says Watkins. Locals may have more understanding of what’s needed for students, but funding for public education comes from the state.

Click the audio link above to hear their full discussion.

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