The Courser and Gamrat Report

Capitol Bureau Chief of the Michigan Public Radio Network Rick Pluta discusses the Courser-Gamrat Report and scandal on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson.  You can find the report here.  Here’s the essence of their conversation,

  • Real wrongdoings: The report confirms the affair as well as exposes Rep. Courser and Rep. Gamrat for their misuse of public funds and their violation of the Campaign Finance Act.
  • Punishment: With a two-thirds majority vote, the Michigan House of Representatives can expel both Courser and Gamrat for violating the public’s trust.
  • What’s next for Democrats?: Democrats now have the chance to capitalize on the missteps of Courser and Gamrat who have “damaged the Republican brand” according to Pluta.

Click here to hear the full conversation

Image credit: Flikr CC

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