Midtown Detroit Greenway Nearing Completion [Map]

Midtown Inc.

Phases I and II are complete. Phase IV (construction out order) will be complete this year. Phase III was started this year and will be complete in 2016.

A Detroit greenway four years in the making is almost complete. Midtown Detroit Inc. has been working on a 3.5 mile pedestrian and bicycle loop in the city. Organization President Susan Mosey says the greenway will be more than just an extended bike lane.

We’re putting in stained concrete, new LED decorative street lighting as well as pedestrian-level LED lighting as well. There will be lots of landscaping, benches, all kinds of new amenities, and we’re also going to be putting out a number of pieces of public art.”

-Susan Mosey, Midtown Detroit Inc.

Mosey says her organization is also installing two bicycle counters in the city to collect information on how often bike lanes are used.  She says she expects workers to finish construction on the greenway by the middle of next year.

Image credit: Detroit Bikes

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