Lawmaker: State Should Make Income Tax Collection Easier for all Michigan Cities

Some state lawmakers say Michigan should make it easier for cities to collect income taxes.

Legislation making its way through the state House would help Detroit collect delinquent taxes. It would also require employers outside of Detroit to withhold income taxes for city residents.

“It’s taxes already owed, so it’s not a tax increase. It’s just better follow-through and a more efficient system,” said state Rep. Jeff Farrington (R-Utica), who chairs the House Tax Policy Committee.

But some lawmakers say Detroit isn’t the only Michigan city struggling to collect income taxes.

“I also think that many other cities across the state that have an income tax need help making sure that they can collect that tax. And so we should be doing this for all 22 cities, not just one,” said state Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal Oak).

Townsend says he is supportive of House Bills 4829 and 4706 for Detroit.

“I’m supportive of enabling Detroit to succeed under the grand bargain, and this is going to help do that,” he said.

Detroit Democrats have hinted that the bills could help win Democratic votes for a road funding deal.


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