Former Tigers GM Dombrowski Takes Position With Boston Red Sox

The Detroit Tigers former general manager has taken a new position in Boston. Dave Dombrowski will be the Red Sox’s President of Baseball Operations following his 14-years at Comerica Park. Jonah Kerri is the lead baseball writer for Grantland and analyst for ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight”. He says despite Dombrowski’s accomplishments, the Tigers couldn’t pull it together during the playoffs.

Mike Ilitch absolutely wants to win a World Series while he’s still on this Earth, quite frankly. He’s an octogenarian owner and time is short, and it hasn’t happened. Now, baseball has all kinds of randomness in it, it’s conceivable if the Tigers may have won if a bounce here, a bounce there went their way, but Dombrowski’s record was not perfect; he did not build a great bullpen despite having all those resources.”

Jonah Kerri​, Baseball Writer/Analyst

Kerri says despite his failure to win championship games, Dombrowski was successful in rebuilding the Detroit Tigers’ franchise by growing talent and making good trades. Dave Dombrowski led the Tigers to five playoff appearances and two American League pennants.

Image credit: Dawn Uhl-Zifilippo/WDET

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