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Explore the City’s Parks with the Detroit Experience Factory

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WDET’s Detroit By the Numbers and Parks Project explores the city’s parks through a Detroiter-led bus tour.

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Detroit Experience Factory’s Executive Director Jeanette Pierce speaks about the upcoming city parks themed bus tour on Detroit Today. Detroit Experience Factory and WDET’s Detroit by the Numbers will pair up to explore the city’s parks and the history behind them. The tour will be on September 12th and will take participants to various parks with current and historical significance around the city as well as give them insight on how to get involved with the city’s parks on a personal level with WDET’s Parks Watch.

Register for the bus tour here.

And read a bit about the upcoming trip below:

  • Non-stop Learning: Jeanette Pierce says her group’s tours aren’t just for tourists. The Detroit Experience Factory is a non-profit that plans and hosts tours led by people who live in and love the city. Pierce says there’s always more to learn about your hometown and feels that the days she’ll stop learning about Detroit is the day she dies.
  • No Rose-colored Glasses: Pierce says the tour isn’t going to be just about the good stuff. It will cover controversial issues and give context to some of the less shining moments of the parks. She says partnering with other organizations gives them access to expertise and journalistic skills that enhance the tours and help create a picture of the city.
  • Join the Group: September 12th’s tour will start at WDET’s station and then take participants to the Rouge Park on the west side, the city’s largest park, and end at Clark Park in southwest Detroit. The tour group will also learn how to use the Parks Watch app to report on the parks around them and hear from city officials. Learn more about the trip and register by clicking here.

Click the audio link above to hear the full story.

WDET's Parks Project

This post is a part of WDET's Parks Project.

All summer long in 2015, WDET reported on how parks are impacting Detroiters and how Detroiters impacted the parks.

We asked you to be a part of this work by being the eyes and ears of your local parks. We asked you to help us find out what is going on in the parks in your city and your neighborhood. Were parks being maintained? Who were using the park, and what was happening there? Is it safe?

Detroit Park Watch is produced by WDET 101.9 FM and is powered by the Detroit Journalism Cooperative. Support for this project ccomes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalism’s Michigan Reporting Initiative and the Ford Foundation.



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