New Service Provides Seniors with In-Home Assistance

The Area Agency on Aging is launching an initiative designed to help seniors stay in their homes longer.  

Same Address

The “Same Address” program provides older residents in southeast Michigan with services such as home repair, medication management, and medical monitoring.

Spokesperson Gary Evans says the agency also provides caregivers with access to medical records through a digital dashboard.

Like a healthcare assessment or other documents that relate to the seniors health,” Evans says.  ”Equally important, we are able to use it to publish when services are going to be delivered. So the senior has a place where they can look and the caregivers to see what services are being delivered, what has been delivered, how to request changes or new services as well.”

Evans says the only requirement for enrollment is a valid credit card. He says the program is also available to disabled residents of any age.

For more information about the program call 1-866-SENIOR-1 or visit the website at

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