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Heard on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson

Pianist Andre Mehmari Performs Nazareth

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Image credit: J. Carlisle Larsen

Hear one of Brazil’s most talented young pianists perform on Detroit Today.

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Stephen Henderson has André Mehmari, a Brazilian pianist and composer, in WDET’s studio to perform two selections from his album of works composed by Nazareth. The key points of their discussion:

  • ​​Ernesto Nazareth: Mehmari calls Nazareth the inventor of modern Brazilian piano. He talks about the challenges he faced when recording an album of Nazareth’s work, including capturing the similarities between classical and popular music, such as ragtime, that Nazareth included in his compositions.
  • Part of the culture: According to Mehmari, Nazareth’s work has become a part of Brazilian tradition. He says that even though it was written over a hundred years ago, people are in need of Nazareth’s music more than ever. He says it makes sense to play these works today and make them come alive once more.
  • Performances: Mehmari will perform tonight at 8 PM at the Kerrytown Concert House in Ann Arbor and this weekend at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

To listen to the full conversation and two of Nazareth’s compositions performed by André Mehmari, click the audio link above.

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