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School Superintendents: Ron Roberts and Chippewa Valley

Stephen Henderson talks with Ron Roberts, superintendent of Chippewa Valley Schools, about the district.

  • Right-sizing: Stephen asks how Chippewa Valley fits into the financial landscape of Michigan schools, many of which are facing downsizing and legacy issues. Roberts says that this is not a problem for Chippewa Valley Schools, because they have had a decade of growth. He says the district is not currently drastically losing or gaining population. 
  • New programs: Roberts says that student achievement is the main goal for Chippewa Valley Schools. They have implemented a new elementary math program, as well as a forensic science option for high schoolers. He says the instruction is phenomenal. 
  • Instruction and technology: Roberts says that the district has used a bond issue to purchase new laptops and technology.  He says that it is about the teacher at the front of the room, but a good teacher can use technology to enhance student learning. 
  • Common core: Stephen asks how Roberts feels about the common core.  He says he thinks it teaches critical thinking and collaboration, and that it harkens back to the values he got from education when he was young. 

Click the audio link above to hear the full conversation.

Image credit: WDET

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