United States and Michigan Earn D’s on Infrastructure Report Cards

Stephen Henderson talks with Casey Dinges, Senior Managing Director of Public Affairs, Membership, and Leadership & Programming for the American Society of Civil Engineers, about the ASCE Game Changers Report.  The report gives Michigan a D overall in infrastructure, close behind the national D+.

  • 16 Categories: Stephen says he was surprised that Michigan was so close to the national average grade, because he sees how bad our roads are. Dinges says that there are 16 categories of infrastructure total in the report, such as water mains levies, ports, and other areas that bring Michigan closer to the national average. 
  • Risk of non-investment: Dinges says that by failing to repair and improve its infrastructure, the US is risking $3 trillion in GDP and 3.5 million jobs. 
  • Achilles heel?: Dinges says that the US has low energy prices and a highly educated workforce, and the government’s failure to create and implement a long-term plan for infrastructure could be our Achilles heel in international competition.
  • State funding: Stephen asks if we are doing any better at funding infrastructure on a state rather than federal level. Dinges says that we are, and that states are taking tough votes to increase taxes. 
  • Game-changers: Dinges says that the ASCE’s Game-Changers Report is full of new ideas, including some in Michigan, such as integrating renewables, dredging, and managing construction electronically.  He calls the states “50 incubators for new ideas”. 

Click the audio link above to hear the full conversation.  

Image credit: Snr. László Szalai

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