Lincoln Park Developing 10-year Revitalization Plan

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Fort Street in Lincoln Park.

Officials in Lincoln Park are looking to find ways to revitalize the city. A member of the Lincoln Park City Council, Chris Dardzinski, is organizing the effort to create a ten year development plan for the city. Dardzinski says he wants to bring a hundred new businesses to Lincoln Park within a decade.

Niche retail, fine dining restaurants, healthy restaurants… I’d like to see enough revenue coming in that we can hire ten more police officers. I’d like to see our tax base grow to a point where we have four million dollars more per year so that we can start doing all the serious road work and infrastructure work that needs to be done.“

Dardzinski says he plans to model the revitalization on methods other cities have used to grow. Dardzinski says he is still looking for volunteers to join the revitalization committee.

He says interested individuals can help form the plan by contacting him directly to join in the effort. He can be reached at 734-775-2267 or at

Image credit: Marissa Gawel/WDET

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