Thousands of Volunteers to Clean Up 100 City Blocks in Detroit This Week

The Detroit non-profit group Focus: HOPE is bringing thousands of volunteers together this week to clean up 100 blocks in the city. Participants will spend three days boarding up vacant homes, painting curbs, planting flowers and mowing grass. A spokesperson for the initiative, Debbie Fisher, says the work could lead to consistent landscaping in the area around Focus: HOPE’s Detroit office.

We’re hoping that there’s just a lot of continuity going forward, that this is not just an annual thing, but that there will be regular opportunities to beautify. We’re looking to construct over time over a hundred rain gardens on vacant lots. So we expect this to be going on throughout the year and then on into the years to come.”

-Debbie Fisher, Focus: HOPE

Fisher says workers will also board up more than 100 vacant homes in the area. She says the clean-up begins Thursday, and volunteers are welcome. 

Find out more about the event, and how to be a part of it, here.

Image credit: Courtesy of Focus: HOPE

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