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02. The End of Him and Her

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A couple separately considers what it might mean to part ways after 6 years. Listen to episode 2.

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Him & Her have asked to remain anonymous
Him & Her have asked to remain anonymous

Meet Him & Her

They’ve been together for 6 years. But after all this time, their priorities have grown apart- and it’s showing.

What might it mean for them to call it quits? Listen to this couple separately contemplate ending their relationship - The End of Him and Her.



Lac La Belle

Meet Lac La Belle

The acoustic duo from Detroit, made up of multi-instrumentalists Jennie Knaggs & Nick Schillace, composed new, original music specifically for this episode. A huge thanks to this incredible group.

Lac La Belle is influenced by early Americana, blending history with the present to create stories that capture the human experience via accordion, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, organ, harmonizing vocals, and finger-picking resonator guitar.”

Listen to their newest album


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