Lincoln Park Could Soon Host an Annual Film Festival or Comic Book Convention

Officials in Lincoln Park say the city could soon have a comic book convention, a film festival or a children’s book showcase. City Council member Chris Dardzinski is organizing a group of volunteers to bring new programming, every month, to Lincoln Park. He says eventually he wants the city to host new events every week.

Where you have a bunch of 23 year old kids driving around on a Saturday night and saying, ‘Hey what do we do?’ They pop in the Lincoln Park phone app—which I want to put together a phone app for the city—and they say, ‘Wow this is going on in Lincoln Park? Let’s go to Lincoln Park.’ That’s where I want to see us be.”

-Chris Dardzinski, Lincoln Park City Council Member

Dardzinski says Lincoln Park only holds annual events during about half of the year right now. He says he is inviting residents to meet in a few weeks and help plan new festivals. 

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