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In the Mix with Will Sessions: New Tunes from Detroit’s Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop House Band

If you’re making professional grade music in Detroit, there’s no doubt you have Will Sessions on speed dial. if not, quit sleeping. Drawing inspiration from the American soul and jazz canon, these blue-collar working musicians lay down the city’s funkiest tracks.So funky you can smell ‘em. I’m talkin’ sour diesel level dankness.

This week, the band releases their latest record (it will be rare and valuable), Mixtakes 3 & 4, which features guest spots from legendary Motown drummer Mckinley Jackson and guitar licks from the Funk Brother Dennis Coffee

Band leader Sam Beaubien chats with WDET’s Travis Wright about Mixtakes as well as the re-release of the band’s jazzy debut, Kindred

Image credit: Courtesy of Will Sessions | Facebook

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