State Senator Smith Bound Over For Trial

A judge is ordering State Senator Virgil Smith to stand trial on a variety of felony charges including assault.

Last month Smith allegedly became involved in a domestic dispute with his ex-wife, who had arrived at his house and found another woman there.

The Democratic legislator from Detroit is accused of beating his former spouse inside his house, throwing her out of the house, then shooting an assault rifle at her and riddling her Mercedes-Benz with gunfire.

The judge did not agree with the attorney representing Smith, who argued that his client had the right to defend himself inside his home.

The judge noted that Smith allowed his ex-wife to enter the home, saying “those are not the actions of someone who feels he’s in danger.”

Smith faces up to five years in prison for malicious destruction of property as well as jail time for felonious assault, domestic violence and a felony firearms charge.

State lawmakers have already stripped Smith of some legislative duties and requested that he resign.   

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