How Does Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Affect Hillary Clinton?


Stephen Henderson talks with Dr. Vincent Hutchings, Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan, about Bernie Sanders’ role in the 2016 presidential race, and how his unanticipated popularity will affect both his and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 

  • Challenge to Clinton: Hutchings says that as the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton should be “at least a little bit anxious” about Sanders’ campaign, and that she will need to appeal to groups Sanders needs to win, such as Africa Americans. 
  • Campaign repeat?:  A caller says that he feels Clinton is running the same campaign that she lost to Barack Obama in 2008.  Stephen asks Hutchings if he agrees, and if he thinks this could affect Clinton’s 2016 campaign.  Hutchings says he thinks that it is not impossible, but her positive name recognition and monetary advantage make it unlikely that this will affect her significantly. 
  • Center vs. Left:  Hutchings says that Clinton is more of a centrist, while Sanders is a Socialist who works with Democrats.  He says Sanders has a very progressive history in the Senate on economic policies and to some extent also on foreign policies. 
  • Minority vote: Hutchings says that Clinton will need to win over groups that Sanders needs, such as African Americans.  Stephen says that her position on the VRA is Clinton reaching out to African Americans, and Hutchings says her positions on criminal justice and the Confederate flag also appeal to minorities.  

Click the audio link above to hear the full conversation.

Image credit: Jonathunder

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