Fade to Black: The Cinematic Sounds of Ritual Howls

I guess we’ve always attempted to have a cinematic environment that we’re creating… a sound you can escape into.”

Ben Saginaw, Ritual Howls

Whether it’s the new John Carpenter album or the soundtrack to indie video games like Hotline Miamithere’s no denying that the synthy-sounds of ‘80s cinema resonate today just as much as they did 30 some odd years ago. Ritual Howls knows that. Together, Paul Bancell, Chris Samuels and Ben Saginaw score their own dark and cerebral new-wave film, in the form of their second album, Turkish Leather (which you can listen to below). Having just wrapped recording their next album, the band chats with WDET’s Travis Wright about their professional and creative trajectory.

-Eli Newman, Culture City Associate Producer


Image credit: Ritual Howls

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