Military Veterans Qualify for College Credit Under New Law

Michigan veterans and military personnel can now accelerate their education, according to a new law. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a bill that allows past and present military members to receive college credit for their experience. Jeff Barnes is the Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. He says the law will help put veterans on the fast track to enter the work force.

They’re starting at the community college level and taking some of those classes in their core curriculum that will transfer to the university. That gives them enough time to learn about the industry that they are interested in, make some decisions on what career paths they want to take, and then really leverage the G.I. Bill when they go to earn that bachelors degree and advanced degree.”

Jeff Barnes, Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency

Barnes says there are nearly 50,000 Michigan veterans that have served in the military since 9/11. He says the VA expects that number to double in the next five years.

Image credit: Sgt. Michael Selvage/Public Domain

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