MDOT Considers Overhaul of I-94 [Map]

Michigan Department of Transportation

The Michigan Department of Transportation is planning to modernize a stretch of the I-94 in Detroit. The freeway will be rebuilt from the I-96/I-94 interchange to Connor Street.

Senior Project Manager Terry Stepanski says the planned construction will help meet the needs of drivers and help reduce rush hour travel time.

A lot the congestion is caused by the movements that are caused by the short acceleration lanes, the lack of weaving ability and configuration of the ramps,” Stepanski says. ”So we are going to improve the ramps. Provide additional length to merge onto the freeway, and we’re expecting that to relieve congestion.”

MDOT is also considering the addition of a fourth lane to each direction of the freeway. The department is holding public meetings for community input in July. 


Image credit: Michigan Department of Transportation

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