Popping Downers: Trap-Pop Pioneers Jamaican Queens Debut New Music

A lot of the songs that I write are about specific events or specific people.”

Ryan Spencer, Jamaican Queens

After the break-up of indie-rock band Prussia, singer-songwritter Ryan Spencer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pressley set out to hone a new sound with Jamaican Queens. With influences ranging from Timbaland, Bowie and Morrisey, the band exploded onto the Detroit scene with their self-released debut, Wormfood, leading the charge of the so-called ”trap-pop” genre. Joined by drummer Ryan Clancy the band returns in full force with their newest EPDowners. The three Queens play their newest jams with WDET’s Travis Wright. Jamaican Queens will play the Majestic Cafe this Saturday during Valley Hush’s EP release party.

-Eli Newman, Culture City Associate Producer

Check out Downers and the music video for “Bored + Lazy” below:

Image credit: Photo by Katie Chow

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