Randy Newman to Perform at Detroit Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert

Pamela Springsteen

American film composer and musical satirist Randy Newman will perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra as part of their annual Heroes Gala & Benefit Concert on June 6. Newman recently spoke with WDET music host Ann Delisi about the upcoming concert, his career, and childhood friendship with DSO Conductor Leonard Slatkin

Highlights from the interview include:

  • Childhood Friendship with Slatkin: Newman discusses meeting Slatkin as a child on the soundstage at 20th Century Fox.
  • Satire in Music: Newman tells Ann that he doesn’t think he could write some of the music he wrote in the past because moods have shifted in the country.
  • Musical Covers: Newman tells Ann what covers of his songs he was impressed by and which interpretations were not to his liking.

To listen to the entire conversation, click on the audio link above,


Image credit: Pamela Springsteen

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