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Detroit One Cracks Down On Gun Violence

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Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET

Detroit One initiative is launching a new campaign to reduce gun violence in the city.

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Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET
Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

Officials in Detroit say they hope to cut back on gun violence in the city by highlighting the stiff penalties facing those who use a firearm to commit a violent crime. The law enforcement agency coalition known as Detroit One will advertise the serious penalties for gun crimes on billboards located at I-94 and Connor Avenue and along the Southfield Freeway and Grand River Avenue.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says crime overall is down in the city with the exception of gun violence.

There are far too many people in our community who think it’s okay to settle a beef with a gun, and what we’re going to start to do is make it far more difficult to get away with settling beef with a gun.

-Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Duggan says felons with three prior convictions caught possessing a firearm will face a mandatory minimum 15-year sentence. Officials say a similar campaign launched last year to tackle carjacking helped lead to a 32 percent drop in the crimes.

Bre'Anna Tinsley, Reporter

Bre’Anna Tinsley is a Reporter for 101.9 WDET, providing news spots and features. She’s an expert in “Friends” trivia. Follow @Bre_Tin

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