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Bank of America Michigan President Works On Detroit Revitalization

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Image credit: Photo by Jerome Vaughn

B of A’s Matt Elliott says banks can compete by better serving their communities.

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This year’s Mackinac Policy Conference has wrapped up.  Business leaders, government officials and the media have spent much of the past week discussing key issues related to the City of Detroit’s well-being.  Community redevelopment was a frequent topic of conversation on the island. 

Matt Elliott is the Michigan Market President for Bank of America.  He spoke with WDET’s Jerome Vaughn about the role of banks in Detroit’s revitalization.

Jerome Vaughn, News Director

Jerome Vaughn is News Director at 101.9 WDET. He joined WDET in 1992 to help chronicle Detroit’s comeback and let people around the world know the truth about his hometown. Follow @jvdet

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