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Live From Mackinac: Duggan Says Yes to DPS Reform, No to Running for Governor

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Mayor also optimistic about growing Detroit’s population.

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Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan expressed support for Governor Rick Snyder‘s plan to overhaul the Detroit Public Schools‘ finances. That’s what he told an audience at the 2015 Mackinac Policy Conference Wednesday. The governor’s plan would split the district in two. The elected school board and the state-appointed emergency manager would oversee the “old” DPS, but would only be responsible for paying off the district’s debt. The job of teaching students would be given to a “new” district, run by a separate board that would eventually be elected. At first, Duggan opposed the governor’s plan. WDET’s Jerome Vaughn tells Pat Batcheller why the mayor supports it now. 


Pat Batcheller, Senior News Editor

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