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Michigan Mobility Initiative Looks Towards Future Automotive Tech

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Image credit: Courtesy of the Detroit Regional Chamber

The Michigan Mobility Initiative promotes emerging automotive technology industries.

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A coalition of government and business organizations are touting a plan to help Michigan lead the next generation of transportation. The group, called MICHauto, is creating what they call a Michigan Mobility Initiative to bring the research and development of emerging automotive technologies to the state. The vice president of MICHauto, Glenn Stevens, says the effort is necessary for Michigan to compete in the industry’s future.

We need to focus on building the right ecosystem or environment for companies that are here already to thrive, not just in the automotive space but in next generation mobility, but we also need to attract new companies to the state.”

Glenn Stevens, Vice President of MICHauto

Stevens says the group especially wants to bring developers of self-driving cars and internet-connected vehicles to the state. 

Eli Newman, Reporter/Producer

Eli Newman is a Reporter/Producer for 101.9 WDET, covering breaking news, politics and community affairs. His favorite Motown track is “It’s The Same Old Song” by the Four Tops. Follow @other_eli

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