Michigan State Police: Call Us Troopers, Not Policewomen

Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police is supporting legislation that would remove the rank of “Policewoman” from the Michigan State Police Act. The agency says the term is outdated. The title was given when women first joined the force in the late 1960s.

Sergeant Amy Dehner says women at that time were only allowed to work with juveniles and in the Detective’s Bureau.

And obviously that model has evolved tremendously over the last 30 years,” Dehner says. “Where there is no distinction between the jobs that men and women do. You do the job of a trooper and whether you are male or female matters not.”

Dehner says the force is also looking to update the legislation to add the titles of “inspector” and “recruit” to the formal rankings. The bill is heading to the full Senate for consideration. 

Image credit: Michigan State Police

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