Midtown Detroit Incinerator Hosting Community Meeting

Courtesy of Detroit Renewable Power

Officials representing a Midtown Detroit trash incinerator are hosting a community meeting this week to discuss reducing odors from the facility.

A spokesperson for the group Detroit Renewable Power, Sarah Grazier, says the meeting will also spell out upcoming construction plans for the incinerator. She says this summer workers will be upgrading ventilation ducts and air supply fans that allow smelly fumes to escape.

Our goal with this is to eliminate odors coming from the facility. So we’re hoping that this will be the solution, and that you know the community can ask any questions that they have when they come to the meeting this week.”

-Sarah Grazier

Neighborhood residents have filed more than 100 complaints about smells coming from the incinerator over the last five years. Grazier says the meeting is set for Thursday evening at the Golightly Education Center in Detroit.

Image credit: Courtesy of Detroit Renewable Power

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