Roseville Debates Continuing Gratiot Cruise

This week officials in Roseville decide whether to cancel the city’s Gratiot Cruise.

In the metro area that put the world on wheels, holding a parade of cars like the Woodward Dream Cruise can be a draw for a city.

Officials in Macomb County’s Roseville hoped to steer visitors to a Dream Cruise along Gratiot Avenue from 10 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road, timed to coincide with the city’s first-ever RoseFest event in June.

But organizers say there has been rampant dissension and feuding among some in the non-profit Roseville Heritage Foundation, which operates the event.

The marketing sponsorship manager for the cruise recently left the group and several key sponsors went with her.

Now Foundation officials plan to meet this week, weigh their options and decide whether the cruise can, or should, go forward.

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