DNR Wants Volunteers to Help Clean Up Trash

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is looking for volunteers to help pick up illegally dumped trash.

The waste is piling up in more than 600 locations on public land.

DNR spokesperson Ava Takacs says most people dump trash to avoid disposal costs.

If it’s not already added into their taxes where they have curbside pickup they might have to pay extra to have someone come by and pick their stuff up,” Takacs says. ”So they says they don’t want to pay dispose their trash they’d rather dump it on public land.”

Takacs says some people may not be around when the trash is picked up and they want to get rid of it immediately, so they dump it.

She says those who are caught may face imprisonment, or a fine as high as $10,000.  

Image credit: Bre'Anna Tinsley/ WDET

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