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Sussed Out Recipes: The Sussman Brothers Re-imagine Classic Cuisine

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Image credit: Courtesy of the Sussman Brothers

The Sussman Brothers release their cookbook, “Classic Recipes For Modern People.”

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Courtesy of the Sussman Brothers
Courtesy of the Sussman Brothers
Max & Eli Sussman are no strangers to the world of food. Born and raised in Detroit, they gained access to the kitchen through a family tradition of noshing. Now, the two brothers spend most of their days cooking at their very own New York restaurants; Max at the Cleveland and Eli at Mile End Deli. The brothers still find time to collaborate, this time with their new cookbook “Classic Recipes For Modern People”. They have their release party at the Signal-Return this Saturday. Eli drops by Culture City and talks turkey with WDET’s Travis Wright on all things food.
-Eli Newman, Culture City Associate Producer

Travis Wright, Host, CultureShift

Bringing a voice balanced by humble humor and clever cultural insight to WDET’s afternoon airwaves. Follow @talkinWright

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