Inkster Woman Now World’s Oldest Human

   A woman experts say is the oldest human on Earth is attributing her longevity to divine providence and living by the Biblical Golden Rule.

   The Inkster resident is one month shy of turning 116.

   The eyes behind Jeralean Talley’s glasses sparkle, her mind is clear, though she’s very hard of hearing now.

   The 115-year-old is also regarded as the oldest person alive after an Arkansas woman a year older passed away this week.

   Talley’s daughter and caretaker, 77-year-old Thelma Holloway, says her mother has lived through events most people only read about in history books.

   “She dreamed about the airplanes, she told us, before they even flew,” Holloway said. “She was young and she saw something going up, up, up – and she didn’t know what it was.”

   Talley’s 116th birthday is next month.

   Her daughter says Talley’s looking forward to celebrating in part by taking her annual fishing trip to a nearby trout pond.   

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