Officials Approve More Compensation Claims Tied To Defective GM Ignitions

   The list of those being compensated for injuries suffered because of faulty General Motors’ ignition switches is growing.

   GM set up the compensation fund after acknowledging that the ignition switches in some of its vehicles could malfunction, turning off the engine and disabling the air bags.

   GM did not recall the cars involved for nearly a decade even though some officials knew about the problem.

   Those administering the compensation fund say they have approved seven new injury claims connected to the ignition defect, bringing the total to about 150.

   More than 4,000 claims have been submitted to the fund and about a quarter are still under review.

   Administrators say it will take several more months for them to rule on all claims, noting that a large number of the claims were submitted just in time to beat the end of January deadline.

   GM’s actions regarding the defective ignitions are still under investigation by the U-S Justice Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission and 49 state attorneys general.

   The automaker also faces hundreds of lawsuits over the matter.   

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