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Nocturnally Nuanced: New Music from Detroit’s Valley Hush

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Image credit: Courtesy of Valley Hush

New Music Premier: This down-tempo duo is making earnest electro-pop you have to hear.

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Once we started to get going, we didn’t stop. That was exactly a year ago.” - Lianna Vaniceli, Valley Hush

Courtesy of Valley Hush
Courtesy of Valley Hush

Valley Hush are indeed one of Detroit’s newest yet most promising bands. Fresh, no matter how you cut ‘em. A distinctive vocal styling is woven around melodies that dabble in hypnosis. Meanwhile, guitars bash up against beats in a way that feels both current and singular.

In anticipation of a local show at Small’s with a particularly killer line-up of local talent, the band’s founders — producer and musician Alex Kaye and singer/songwriter Lianna Vaniceli — swung through the studio to speak with WDET’s Travis Wright about how the project came together, why it works, and what we can expect from the electro-outfit into the future.

And they brought some new music off their forthcoming EP Don’t Wait.


Travis Wright, Host, CultureShift

Bringing a voice balanced by humble humor and clever cultural insight to WDET’s afternoon airwaves. Follow @talkinWright

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