Developers Presenting New Plans for the State Fairgrounds

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Image credit: Liza Lagman Sperl

State Fairground plans include a theater, housing, restaurants, and green space.

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Liza Lagman Sperl
The coliseum on the fairgrounds in 2007.Liza Lagman Sperl

The coliseum on the fairgrounds in 2007.

Developers are preparing to present a proposal for re-using the former Michigan State Fairgrounds. The company Magic Plus, owned by former basketball star Magic Johnson, purchased the 160-acre property in 2009, but has not yet erected anything on the grounds. Development Partner Joel Ferguson says the group plans to create a user-friendly environment that works with what is already in place.

We’re gonna have a lot of great open space. We’re gonna have bike paths. We’re gonna have where people can walk, and we’re gonna have a transportation center on the site—MDOT and, I mean, and all the transportation parts to the state of Michigan.”

Ferguson says plans also include shopping, restaurants, senior housing and a theater at the site. He says the group expects to give their final development proposal to the city of Detroit within two weeks.

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